John D. McHugh in the Guardian

I’m reliably informed Frontline Club member John D. McHugh has a big spread in the Guardian newspaper tomorrow. The piece will run online too, but it might be worth grabbing the papier mache version if you have access to a newstand near you. A wee bit of background, courtesy of the Guardian, for those of you not familiar with John’s work,

John D McHugh is a multi-media journalist, one of a new breed who shoot stills, write articles and blogs, make documentaries and compile audio slideshows. Last year, he was shot in a combat outpost in the mountains of Afghanistan while embedded with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division. This year he’s returned to Afghanistan and is embedded with airborne forces in Eastern Afghanistan to create a multi-media war diary for John was also announced the winner of the Frontline Club Award last week.

I’ll link to the story when it goes live.