It’s too dangerous

ABC News war correspondent, Terry McCarthy, talks about working in Iraq and how it is almost impossible to report from outside the green zone,

“It’s a very dangerous war to cover and to go out and get those ‘feel good’ stories,” he said. “Being out among the people is extremely dangerous, so we have to be very careful how we do that. It is possible and sometimes we’re able to show the good side of what’s going on there…” “You know it’s interesting,” he continued. “This war is almost divorced from America. It’s not like in Vietnam when there was conscription, there was a draft and everyone had to go. Here it’s an all-volunteer army and most people don’t know anyone who’s in Iraq unless they happen to have a military family. And so when the soldiers come back, they face a difficult time explaining what they are doing.” link

McCarthy is keen to get back to Iraq in a couple of weeks time,

“The danger is always there,” he said. “My wife is not happy with me being there of course, but this is an incredibly important story. This is not just important for the United States or Iraq. This is important for the entire Middle East. It’s important for basically the entire world. It’s a privilege to be sitting in on history, really.”