Is this the end of the FARC?

Bogotá based Frontline blogger Anastassia picks up the story of the recent escape of French/Colombian kidnap victim Ingrid Betancourt and 14 others,

There are still political hostages being held by the Farc (including 27 policemen and 3 politicians). Some families fear that the guerrillas will carry out reprisals against their family members held in jungle camps and kill the remaining high-profile hostages. Others fear that the liberation of Betancourt (a French-Colombian citizen) and the three Americans means international pressure to secure the release of hostages and media coverage of the plight of those kidnapped will gradually disappear. They are probably right. link

At the Frontline Club this week we’ll be debating whether or not this is the end of the FARC. We’ll be livestreaming the event here this coming Thursday.