Is the era of two tribes politics over?

Will reform of the political system be inevitable after the election on 6 May?

Vernon Bogdanor, professor of government at Oxford University, described as the doyen among British constitutional scholars will be at the Frontline Club on the eve of the election to discuss the implications should traditional Labour-Tory dominance be ended in the polls.

Vernon Bogdanor, who has described David Cameron as one of his "nicest and ablest" students at Brasenose College has argued that the coming election "puts into the melting pot not only the first- past-the-post electoral system, with its natural accompanying single-party majority government, but also the unity of the United Kingdom itself".

The author of The New British Constitution has written of the growing contradiction of a system where political parties are "dying on their feet" while their grip on the institutions of government remains "as strong as ever".


With a hung parliament a strong possibility Vernon Bogdanor has been addressing the question of whether the first-past-the-post system is on its last legs and what happens next if there is a hung parliament.

Will this be the last Westminster election fought under first-past-the-post? We’re delighted that Vernon Bogdanor will be with us at next week’s First Wednesday to discuss this election will really be a watershed moment in British political history. Book here to take part.