Iraqi blogger killed in Baghdad

Ahmed, the author of BlogIraq, has been killed in Baghdad.
A post written on his blog by a friend, Mohammed Alani, describes how Ahmed was due to meet another man in Mansour District on 11 April.
The man was supposed to be giving Ahmed some documents about his investigations into a USAID office in Baghdad. But both men were found dead at their agreed meeting place by Ahmed’s brother-in-law.
Ahmed usually blogged from outside Baghdad and had lived in Jordan and Sudan, but his wife and 20 month old daughter had been unable to leave Iraq. According to Mohammed Alani, he had returned to Baghdad to ‘take his family out, but he did not have enough time to do so.’
In an email sent to Mohammed shortly before he died, Ahmed described how the man he was meeting had already been threatened and both were planning to leave Iraq soon after their meeting.