Iran Election: links on media coverage 2

The same deal as yesterday but today instead:
Al Jazeera English
Journalist uses Twitter to get commentary on Iran.
Changing the website to green was NOT a gesture of support to the protesters.
Director of Global News says UGC offers authenticity to BBC coverage.

Have Your Say team interact with Twitterer.

Jon Williams, the BBC World News Editor in the New York Times: “The days when regimes can control the flow of information are over.”
Arrests and killings documented by Amnesty International.
Intimidation and threats against foreign correspondents in Tehran.
Iran issues warning to the digital media corps.
Journalist Saeed Kamali Dehghan fears arrest.
Mobile phone networks are blocked claims this Twitterer.
Robert Fisk defies the reporting ban.
Detailed BBC monitoring report on "Netwar".
More online censorship dodging.
Twitterers retweet anonymity tools like the Tor project.
Bobbie Johnson, Guardian: "We are all newsmakers now".
Charlie Beckett, POLIS: "Twitter goes mainstream".
Clay Shirky: "This is the first revolution that has been catapulted onto a global stage and transformed by social media".
Jocular comment (but perhaps with a serious subtext) on the Western media.
Meg Pickard at the Guardian muses about the potential for distortion on Twitter.
Allegations that pro-Ahmadinejad rally photograph was photoshopped.
Iran After the Election photoblog.
Members of the Iranian football team wear green wristbands in support of the protesters.
Photos of the damage done to the Tehran University Complex.
Protesters at Naghshe Jahan Square.
Sky News
Sky explains how and why it has used Twitter in its coverage.
Tim Marshall, Sky’s foreign affairs correspondent, says somebody he interviewed has been arrested. (N.B. New York Times – it’s definitely Tim not Jim by the way).
Blog post describes how young company is humbled to be playing an important role in global events.
Considered piece on Twitter’s role at the Gauravonomics blog.
Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times: "I don’t know who any of these people are".
Jonathan Zittrain says Twitter is unlikely to be blocked altogether unless the regime pulls the plug on Internet access.
Iran after election 2009 (Basijis are shooting at civilans)
Robin Hamman talks to Al Jazeera English about Twitter and it’s impact on Iran.
Youtube says traffic from Iran still much lower than usual. Denies censorship claims.