Introducing ‘Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal’

I mentioned this blog in passing in yesterday’s post. But it deserves a proper mention and I thoroughly recommend it to Frontline readers.
Kaboom: A soldier’s war journal is written by ‘LT G’. He’s serving with the US Army in Iraq and is stationed in a place he calls Anu al-Verona.
As far as I’m aware his blog hasn’t had a great deal of coverage from mainstream media organisations and I certainly haven’t heard much about it in the UK.
Like many milbloggers, LT G writes about his experiences of fighting a counter-insurgency war. Unlike most, he’s a quite brilliant writer.
War reporting, great literature, or a bit of both? I’ll let you decide, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it in the meantime.
Here‘s his latest post documenting a close call for one of his colleagues.
And three of my picks from the last few months:
1. In Fair Anu al-Verona
2. Different World
3. Sadr’s Spring Jam