Interest in Africa Suspended

The best thing about writing from Africa is that editors leave you to your own devices. In Washington, Baghdad or Moscow you can bet on a phone call each morning asking what that day’s line will be. In Nairobi, there is no daily grind. You can disappear for a week. Maybe work on a feature, take a house at the coast or hit the golf course. (Somewhere in Africa writes a disproportionate number of posts that begin… As I was playing golf the other day…)
The worst thing, is that the reason you are left alone is that no-one cares much about Africa. This is part of an email I received from an editor the other day…

I’m sorry if things seem quiet on the news front, clients are concentrating on the US elections. However, we are ever hopeful that there will be interest in stories from your region very soon!

That was last week. This week you could swap “Tibet” for US elections. Next week it will be Iraq. Anyway, shouldn’t complain. Everyone is grateful Kenya is getting back to normal. Now, who’s up for a round of golf?