Insurance Without Borders from Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders announced an insurance plan for journalists working in war zones yesterday. The scheme, called Insurance Without Borders, is aimed at journalists who often travel at a moment’s notice. The insurance can be put into effect within 48 hours and does not require a medical questionnaire,

To mark the anniversary of the War in Iraq, one of the bloodiest conflicts for journalists since World War II, Reporters without borders Canada has signed an agreement with Escapade Insurances to offer competitively-priced coverage for journalists, correspondents or other salaried media personnel who cover events in war zones. The plan Insurance Without Borders (TM) was developed to address the need for affordable life and health insurance.

Medical insurance is 100% of real costs, up to $1,000,000, without deductible or delay, and covers every health need from preventive care to medication to emergency hospitalizations. To guarantee integral protection for journalists, it insures against the consequences of potential pre-existing conditions. link