Inside the Surge ends

[video:youtube:OBu3AJF52Is] Snappers Tom Van Dyke and Kuni Takahashi working for the Chicago Tribune on a multi-part series from Iraq called Inside the Surge were in for a bit of surprise when they returned to Baghdad last month. They were no longer wanted. Sunday’s edition of the Tribune has more,

The Tribune was told that questions from its reporters had upset senior Army officers in Iraq. The newspaper has contested the decision to end the embed, arguing that access to a news story should not be cut off arbitrarily and that the military acted hastily, basing its judgment on rumor, not fact… A public affairs officer in Iraq informed Madhani and Takahashi that commanders were upset with questions that Tribune national correspondent Dahleen Glanton had asked spouses involved with the Family Readiness Group at the unit’s home base, Ft. Stewart, Ga. link via Multimedia Shooter

The Guardian’s Sean Smith doesn’t seem to have experienced the same difficulties. You can see a clip from Smith’s report above.