Inside Gaza

There have been many harrowing images of the effects of Israel’s military operation in Gaza. But few have come through the lenses of western photographers. One man who does have a record of life amid the danger is Flickr user nineteenseventy6.

I stumbled across his Flickr stream the other day after following a link posted on Twitter. Immediately his images seemed to have a different, more reflective tone than the day-to-day news agency shots of dead children and torn-up bodies emerging from Gaza. His use both of black and white film and of digital images immediately tells a compelling story.

There’s a fair bit of anger in his caption-writing, too.

It’s not clear who he is, or who – if anyone – he works for, but he’s now out of Gaza after being refused permission to re-enter from a trip out. I’m going to contact him to ask him permission to link to his images. In the meantime, follow the link above to see what he’s about.