Identity of ‘LT G’, former Kaboom milblogger, revealed

The man behind the popular military blog, Kaboom, is 25 year old Matthew Gallagher. His blog was shut down after he failed to allow a blog posting to be vetted by a superior.
He was serving with the 25th Infantry Division’s 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment. His platoon was based in a small village north-west of Baghdad called Sabaa Al-Bour – the place Gallagher referred to as Anu al-Verona.
The Washington Post* and a local paper, the Reno Gazette, have articles with some biography and comments from his family. The Reno piece has reaction from Annie Boisselle, Gallagher’s fiancée, who Kaboom readers will know as ‘City Girl’. She has written her own blog post reflecting on the publicity.
In an email to the Washington Post, a military spokesman says Gallagher’s blog was “deemed by the commander to be counter to good order and discipline of his unit.” He added that the blog was not registered with the military.
The Post say this last claim was disputed by the blogger’s father Dennis Gallagher (‘Poppa G’). His son also had a disclaimer on his blog which suggested his commanding officer was fully aware of the blog’s existence.

*Requires registration. But it’s free!