“I would never do it again”

Filmmaker Mike Shiley says he’d never do it again. The filmmaker, who quit his job and faked an ABC press pass before infiltrating Iraq, won awards for his documentary Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories. This week he spoke at a screening and Q&A at Temple University in Philadelphia. During the event a number of attendees appeared to annoy the filmmaker,

“I just decided to try to be that one voice in the entire conflict that shows people an unfiltered look at what I found to be happening over there, regardless of if what I found was liberal, conservative, or neutral,” said Shiley. “Even though, looking back on it, I would never do it again…” While in Iraq, he was awarded two civilian combat medals after he completed a 90-minute crash course on operating an M1-Abrams tank gun just so he could get a clearer camera angle of the action. “I’m not sure if I’m proud of that or not, but I’m proud that I was able to make this film and get those shots.” link… After a line of critical questioning mostly focusing on an allegedly unfair portrayal of American soldiers, Shiley abruptly cut one of the students off, saying, “Just get right to the point. I’ll hear you out, just get to the question.” Those students, which included a marine, were not available for comment after an early departure from the event. link