Horst Faas, photographer whose images defined the Vietnam War

Legendary photographer Horst Faas who was responsible for some of the most memorable photographs of the Vietnam war and has died aged 79 will be remembered warmly at the Frontline Club.

Having won a Pulitzer Prize in 1965 for his unflinching images of the conflict in Vietnam, as AP’s picture editor he was responsible for the publication of two of the most abiding images of the conflict – the notorious picture of the “Saigon Execution” by Eddie Adams and Nick Ut’s “Napalm Girl”

During his last visit to the Club in 2007 it was noted that “old friends and competitive rivals of Horst Faas need not worry that he’s lost any of his wit, cantankerous behaviour, and trenchant, often controversial views about photojournalism and the world of media”.

A members-only reception was held for Horst Faas and there was also a public event, which was held in the Club restaurant.

Neither event was filmed, but you can read about his appearance at Frontline Club on our website. If you have any memories of Horst Faas – either of that night or of working with him, we would like to hear from you.