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FSRN’s major financial supporter — Pacifica Foundation — is in financial difficulty and late with their payments to FSRN.  This, in addition to the $160k/year cut in FSRN’s funding from Pacifica in June 2008, leaves us without enough money to pay our staff and reporters from now through mid-October.  Pacifica will have the funds to pay their contract obligations to us in mid-October when they receive their annual funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  But FSRN cannot survive the next 6 weeks without emergency funding from our supporters. 

We need to raise $66,000 to cover our payroll and reporters for the next 6 weeks, or FSRN is very likely to have to go off the air.  Last year individual donors were a substantial part of our income.  We need you to step up again with as much as you can give at this time.
We’ve done all we can to raise money — reached out to foundations and community stations across the country — but the economic collapse has hit our funders hard.  So, we’ve cut staff hours and reporters’ pay.  We’ve cut just about everything we can.
Now, more than ever, independent alternative news is crucial.  If you believe in it, then we need you to support us now. 
Thank You!

Free Speech Radio News, which produces a half-hour, worker-run daily newscast broadcast on more than 100 radio stations nationwide, has long been a beacon in the global media justice movement. By regularly highlighting the voices of marginalized communities most affected by social and economic policy changes, the newscast challenges old models of media access and media control. Thanks to the more than 200 reporters worldwide who live and work in the communities they report from, FSRN has re-shaped the way critical issues are represented in the news.