Halberstam’s hermit kingdom years

New, and last, David Halberstam book is out covering the “forgotten” Korean war. Editor & Publisher argues that the book, called The Coldest Winter, overlooks the victims,

It unsparingly exposes the foolishness and arrogance of U.S. strategy and strategists – in failing to prepare a pared-down Army for the war that began when North Korea invaded South Korea, in misreading signals that China would enter the war, in sending U.S. troops into North Korea and a Chinese trap in the record-cold winter of 1950-51. link

UPDATE: Joan Didion, Seymour Hersh, Bob Woodward, Anna Quindlen, Alex Kotlowitz, Paul Hendrickson, Samantha Power and Bill Walton are going on a book tour for Halberstam, who died in April, 2007. The tour starts on Sept. 25 and concludes on Oct. 15 with a panel in New York at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. link