Gonzalo Guillen exits Colombia

According to the BBC, foreign correspondent Gonzalo Guillen in Colombia has exited the country after receiving numerous death threats since Columbian President President Alvaro Uribe railed against him on October 3rd.

[Guillen] has had to flee the country after being criticised by President Alvaro Uribe and receiving death threats. Mr Uribe accused Gonzalo Guillen of being “a professional slanderer”. In the space of three days Mr Guillen said he received 24 death threats. Colombia is one of the most dangerous places for a journalist to operate. Drug cartels, Marxist guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries all seek to head off negative coverage.Mr Guillen has been a correspondent for the Miami-based El Nuevo Herald for eight years. He received death threats after President Uribe accused him of being behind a book written by the mistress of the now dead drug lord Pablo Escobar. link