Getting back into the swing of things – September at Frontline Club

Tomorrow night is a First Wednesday Special in association with BBC Arabic: with a panel including the New Statesman‘s Mehdi Hasan and former diplomat Carne Ross, we will be discussing how the world has changed since the terrorist attacks almost ten years ago and ways the response to 9/11 might continue to shape our future.

We will also be discussing the situation in Somalia, the nature of extremism and photography documenting the plight of some of the 43 million refugees around the world today. Industry veteran Martin Bell will be joining us to look back on a career which has taken him to 11 countries and over 80 wars. 

Drawing on their experiences working with two very different global media players, the New York Times‘ David Carr and Richard Gizbert of Al Jazeera English will be with us to discuss the future of the news industry.

Screenings in September include a special preview of The Debt, a story of injustice in the Philippineshuman trafficking in Nigeria and neo-Nazism in Russia.

We also have a special preview reading of Bang Bang Bang, a play coming to the Royal Court Theatre in October that documents a seasoned human rights defender and her idealistic young colleague embarking on a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.