Gaza: Missiles and Messages

You can now watch the full event here.

A debate on media coverage of the conflict Gaza including contributions from:

Jonathan Miller (C4)
Alan Fisher
(Al Jazeera)
Harriet Sherwood (The Guardian)
Ruthie Blum Leibowitz (The Jerusalem Post) via skype
Lior Ben Dor (Israeli affairs specialist)

Location: The Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 2QJ

I’ll be covering it live here and you can watch the livestream of the talk here. (In short, it’s ‘live’ overkill, but all in the name of an experiment). Here’s some more background on the talk:

“With the recent war in Gaza finally over panellists reflect on the role that
the world media played as a legitimate weapon in both Hamas and
Israel’s arsenal.

While both sides have been intent on trying to win
the media war, restricted access to international and independent
journalists at the Gazan border has become a highly contentious issue,
with many journalists arguing that this was a tactic used by the IDF to
win the war.

In one of the most complicated and polarised conflicts in the
world, we examine the media coverage of the recent war and ask it it’s
ever possible to achieve balance.”