Fung’s Afghanistan fixers released

Shokoor Feroz and his brother Qaem Feroz, who were working with CBC journalist Mellissa Fung when she was kidnapped on October 12, have been released by the Afghan authorities. The brothers were arrested by the National Directorate of Security soon after Fung’s kidnap. Reporters without borders have released a statement applauding the release of the duo who had worked for CBC for three years,

“We thank President Hamid Karzai and the many other Afghans and Canadians who interceded on behalf of the unjustly detained Feroz brothers,” said a statement from the advocacy group. “The protests by CBC’s journalists and management illustrated in an exemplary manner that the defence of the local employees of foreign media should be a priority.” link

Shokoor Feroz talked to CBC on Monday night about the kidnapping and his subsequent arrest. He said an Afghan intelligence officer came to his room late at night to tell him she was free.

“When they told me, it was very, very great news,” he said. “It was the only night that I laughed and felt very, very happy.” Feroz said he was not harmed while in Afghan custody and is now spending time with his family. “They didn’t torture me,” he said. “They were asking me the questions in the first few days very seriously.”link