Fund for relatives of journalists killed in South Ossetia

The response to the campaign for funds to help the relatives of two reporters killed in the recent conflict in South Ossetia has been impressive according to As we blogged at the time, Alexander Klimchuk and Giga Chikhladze were killed in the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali. talks to Mark Pinder, a friend of Klimchuk,

I’m not sure what deal Sasha was on with ITAR-TASS when he died in South Ossetia, but when we met, he was working for them regularly, generally being paid by the picture somewhere around $15/$20 each.
Sasha and Giga were the only breadwinners in their respective families and their deaths create great problems and hardships for them in a country where the welfare state is largely non-existent and any amount – however small – would be very much appreciated to help the families in the short term. link