Frontline volunteer opportunity for summer: FNTV Archive

This summer the Frontline Club Charitable Trust in Paddington is offering part-time volunteer positions on an Oral History project to a small number of bright individuals. If you’re interested in journalism, war or the history of the late 20th century perhaps this is the project for you. 

Participants will have the chance to be involved in the digitization of the Frontline News Television Archive and record interviews with former members of the agency and the families of those who died in their work. Training in oral history taking will be provided.

With footage from the late 80s to the present day, Frontline’s video archive is a unique treasure trove of cutting-edge journalism from the front lines of Afghanistan, the Former Yugoslavia, the Gulf War and the Romanian revolution. The story of Frontline News Television is told in the BBC’s David Loyn’s book Frontline: Reporting from the World’s Deadliest Places.

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Dates: Early July – Late August 2011

Deadline for applications: 10th June 2011- earlier applications welcomed

Candidates must have at least a basic knowledge of the history of the late 20th century, an interest in journalism and good communication and research skills.

To apply, email a CV and short covering letter to Flora Carmichael: [email protected]