Frontline presents screenings of Burma VJ with Human Rights Watch Film Festival

We’re really pleased to be co-hosting 3 screenings of the documentary Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country at this year’s London Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which I’d urge you to check out. We also have a number of prints currently in our forum to promote the festival, which is one of the highlights of the UK documentary scene.


The film brings together video footage from tenacious Burmese video journalists, shot during the 2007 rebellion led by Buddhist monks, which was swiftly crushed by the ruling junta. The documentary underlines the defaince of a small band of VJs who were doggedly determined to get the real story out to the rest of the world.

Co-ordinated by a leader codenamed Joshua in Thailand their footage is smuggled out of the country to Norway and broadcast in Burma via satellite, forcing the Burmese regime to confront images that it didn’t want its people to see.

There will be three screenings in total, the first of which will be the UK PREMIERE on 22 March at the Clapham Picturehouse (6.30pm), then on 23 March at the Curzon Renoir (6.30pm) and finally on 24 March at the Ritzy in Brixton (6.30pm). Please see the individual websites for booking information – this is defintely a film worth seeing.

We’ll also be screening two other films that are part of the HRW film festival here at Frontline – the much feted Afghan Star on Moday 23 March and The Reckoning on Friday 27. Tickets can be reserved by calling 020 7479 8940 – apologies to all of you who’ve had problems with the online booking system. It has been suspended until further notice, so if you want to come to any of our events, just give us a call.