Frontline Journalism Awards announced

The second annual Frontline Club Journalism Awards were announced today. Yuri Kozyrev wins the Frontline Club Award for his photo essay covering different sides of life in Baghdad since the US-led attack began in 2003,

“Yuri Kozyrev has been on the ground almost continually for the entire length of this conflict, and has given the world a comprehensive, unique, and honest portrait of the people that it has involved,” the judges said. link

Arkady Babchenko won a Special Commendation for his coverage of the war in South Ossetia and Georgia. While the winner of the Frontline Memorial Tribute Award will remain anonymous for the time being “for her personal security”.
We’ll be having a big event at the Club in London on 28 November to celebrate the winners. Hope you’ll be able to make it. We’ll have more details on the blog soon. In the time being you can read about the winners of the first annual Frontline Club Awards.