Frontline Club blogs: a round up of this week’s posts.

After the screening on Monday of Israel vs Israel the discussion focused on the four Israeli activists who were featured in the film and the impact the Arab Spring could have on the Middle east conflict.

Our talks programme continues next week with a Reflections event with ITV News international editor Bill Neely. You can read what key piece of advice the award-winning journalist would give to aspiring journalists here.

As conflict continues in Sudan ahead of the separation of the south from the north on 9 July, stark warnings about the future of both countries were issued by a House of Lords committee this week.

The committee’s chair, Lord Teverson, will be taking part in our discussion about the future of north and south Sudan on 13 July.

Following the arrest of one of its journalists, Urunboy Usmonov the BBC issued a statement demanding his immediate release. You can read more here.

On the Frontline blog, Lynne O’Donnell takes stock of calls by the Australian media for its troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan:

How many of these writers, I wondered, had been to Afghanistan? Stepping off a plane behind a politician chasing a photo op, before stepping right back on again, doesn’t count. How many of them had lived, worked, talked with, questioned and listened to the Australian men and women serving in Afghanistan?

The answer is very few, because the Australian political and defense establishments restrict media access to the Uruzgan mission. Unlike the US military, the Australian defense forces do not welcome the presence of embedded journalists.