FRONTLINE: A Broadsheet


Finally we have relaunched our old Club newsletter to a proper broadsheet which is available to all. Subscription is only £15/year (4 issues).

FRONTLINE: A BROADSHEET aims to be a high-quality, quarterly publication, in some ways radical; in others resurrecting traditions lost from the British market.

FRONTLINE will address major events and themes in international and domestic British politics, culture, conflict and lifestyle.

FRONTLINE will be political, but party-politically-allergic, irreverent and iconoclastic in equal measure.

FRONTLINE will offer international coverage in the best traditions of the Frontline Club and its membership, which includes some of the most esteemed reporters in the world.

FRONTLINE has been put together by a team of Frontline Club members whose work is entirely voluntary.

Summer 2009 issue contents:

Peter Stanford on Tony Blair’s Catholicism.
Muzamil Jaleel on Pakistan’s fight against Jihad.
The future for peacekeeping in Kosovo.
Julian Cardona, photo essay, on fear and death in Mexico.
Martin Bell on the return of British sleaze.
Clive Stafford Smith on Anglo-American torture.
David Hoffman on the police and databases.
Baroness Susan Greenfield issues a warning on ‘Life Screen’.
George Sotiropoulos behind the Greek protests.
Ed Vulliamy on Italian artists fighting the Mafia.
John Carlin and his Hollywood coincidence.
Robert Fox questions Gergiev’s political allies.
Simon Freeman: the demise of football managers.
Comic strip GOBAMA: Frontline’s resident president by Stephen Daly.

Illustrators and photographers include Julian Cardona, Shirley Hughes, David Hoffman, Chris Riddell, Tom Stoddart and Clara Vulliamy. The broadsheet is designed by Sarah Douglas and Lee Belcher.

To subscribe send an email to [email protected] for more information and a subscription form. In due course you’ll be able to subscribe from the website.

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