Frontline Showcase: The Changing News Landscape – VICE News

Talk Wednesday 30 April 2014, 7:00 PM

Showcase is a new event that incorporates the best of Frontline: compelling debate, inquisitive film, insightful discussion, thought-provoking surroundings, stimulating company and refreshing beverages. The evenings will feature two sessions of film or discussion with a break between when you will be welcomed into the members’ clubroom. Here you can meet your fellow audience members and enjoy a drink courtesy of Chivas Brothers.

For the first in the series we will be exploring the newly launched VICE News. The evening will begin by looking at the content they are producing. A panel of VICE News journalists will present and discuss their work.

Following the break we will be bringing together journalists and editors from VICE News and other more established news outlets to discuss the changing news landscape and the place for new platforms and styles of reporting.

Both sessions will be chaired by Richard Gizbert, presenter of The Listening Post on Al Jazeera English.

An Introduction to VICE News with:

Aris Roussinos, producer and host at VICE News. He was awarded the Rory Peck Award for News in November 2013 for his VICE film Ground Zero: Mali. He is currently writing a book about his experiences with rebel armies, which will be published by Random House later this year.

Milène Larsson, producer and host at VICE News. She has been working for VICE for almost a decade. Previously European managing editor, she now primarily produces and hosts news documentaries, such as the award winning Israel’s Radical Left, Istanbul Rising and Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia. She also helped produce the Emmy nominated VICE series on HBO.

Alex Miller is the editor in chief at VICE, and has recently presented and produced investigative news documentaries on the violent protests in Caracas, the fallout of the economic crisis in Greece, as well as video interviews with Clive Stafford Smith and Slavoj Žižek.

The Changing News Landscape with:

Richard Sambrook, professor of journalism and director at the Centre for Journalism, Cardiff University. He is a former director of Global News at the BBC where he worked as a journalist for 30 years as a producer, editor and manager.

Kevin Sutcliffe, VICE head of news production for Europe and former editor of Channel 4’s Dispatches.

Richard James is the news editor of BuzzFeed UK. He was previously the deputy online editor at Metro. Prior to that, he was the technology editor and SEO Executive at Metro. He has also worked at Daily Mail Online and

Tom Giles, editor of BBC current affairs programme, Panorama. He joined the BBC in 1991 on World Service Radio and went on to work on the Nine O’clock News, Newsnight, Panorama, Horizon and, for Current Affairs, on series such as BBC2’s Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain, Hooligans, The White Season, BBC Three’s Women, Weddings War and Me, and BBC factual drama development.