From the Mosul frontline

Salam Adil at Global Voices does an excellent job of rounding up the latest from the folks on the streets of Basra, Mosul and beyond. He dedicates a blog post “to the extraordinary bloggers of Mosul who are living on the front line of a war zone” Here are the words of Aunt Najma,

In short very little is going right, and the situation in Mosul is going from really bad to much worse. During the exams period, and in the course of one week, two professors in the university were killed in their way back from their colleges. One was killed in front of his children as they were with him in the car, and the other in front of his son who also got a bullet from the attack but survived it. … It is a bad dream, but that’s it, it doesn’t end. You just have to live through it and put all your feelings in some jar because they won’t do you any good. link