Footage of Turkish journalists under attack in Gori

[video:youtube:mp6hB5RvYoM] Footage has surfaced of NTV journalists coming under fire in Gori, the Georgian town 30km from South Ossetia. It aired on the Turkish NTV channel. I think it is from the attack first reported on Sunday,

Russian NTV producer Peter Gassiyev was injured in an attack by unidentified forces outside Tskhinvali, the news Web site Lenta reported. According to the Turkish Daily News, Turkish journalist Recep Öztürk was wounded in an unrelated attack on Sunday when his car came under fire in South Ossetia. The Russian Interfax news agency said another Turkish journalist, Gurai Irvin Sekints, whose affiliation was not immediately available, was injured in attack on Tskhinvali, and later hospitalized. link

UPDATE: The International Press Institute has more background on the story. After being detained, interrogated for 12 hours by Russian officials, taken to North Ossetia, and placed under house-arrest in a hotel for some time by Russian military they were eventually released,

Following negotiations between the representatives of the Turkish TV channels and the Russian authorities, an airplane was eventually allowed to collect the journalists and return them to Turkey, where they arrived late in the evening on 13 August 2008.
“We express our relief at the safe return of the four Turkish journalists, but condemn their detention and harassment while being held,” said IPI Deputy-Director Michael Kudlak. “The four journalists were attacked and detained while simply carrying out their duties as journalists.” link