Fesperman on foreign correspondents

Former Baltimore Sun foreign correspondent and political thriller writer Dan Fesperman talks about his work and how he’s glad he’s not a newbie starting out in journalism today,

It’s depressing. I look around, and you look at the number of foreign bureaus, and they’re fewer every day. The Sun used to have eight. Well, they had even more than that, but when I went to the Sun they had eight. Then it quickly went down to five. And now they’ve got one, and that will be gone soon. It’s just, it’s terrible what’s happened. I think it will open back up in some way once there’s a shakeout and they figure out who’s going to provide the content and the future for the Internet. But for now it’s a real trough, and it’s a real shame. link

It’s something we’ve touched on before. And maybe the future isn’t so depressing, just a bit different.