Fact to Fiction: A one-day workshop

Workshop Friday 17 June 2016, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Standard £150
Freelance/Student £125
Members £100

fact to fiction

Never has there been greater demand for stories based on real events. On screen, on the stage, on radio and in publishing, the crossover between fact and fiction is increasingly relevant, and increasingly lucrative.

Are you interested in learning how to turn true stories – either contemporary or historical – into compelling drama or fiction? This one-day workshop focuses on the art of fact-to-fiction adaptation. How do you know what makes a good story for drama? What are the tricks of crafting complex, sometimes unwieldy stories into satisfying fictional journeys? How do you make historical stories resonate with modern audiences? What are the ethical and legal implications of turning real people into fictional protagonists? And how do you go about pitching these stories to commissioners, producers and publishers.

The workshop is led by writer and journalist Hugh Costello, whose screenplay for the HBO film Bernard and Doris (based on a true story) was nominated for an Emmy. He has written many dramas for TV and radio and specialises in transforming complex real events – such as the banking collapse and the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church – into powerful dramatic stories.

Image: via Shutterstock / jessicahyde