Doctors Without Boundaries

So you’re a paediatrician who volunteers for MSF. You go to Darfur and …

Beyond his work as a healer, Erlich was able to help document the genocide by providing children in the camps with paper and crayons they used to make drawings and smuggling them out of the camps. Over 150 of these children’s drawings show disturbing images of raids on villages by the "Janjaweed". Several of the drawings include soldiers wearing Sudanese uniforms which may be used to implicate the government in the genocide. These drawings have gone "on tour" throughout the country to enhance awareness among the general public and have been used as evidence in the Sudanese war crimes cases being brought before the ICC.

I have little time for the Sudanese government’s claim that it has kicked out 13 NGOs for "spying". The evidence is likely to be thin at best. But passing on your evidence to the ICC? Not very clever. Nor is publishing details on the website of an advocacy organisation for which you work.


 This is MSF’s official position:
"Medecins Sans Frontieres has adopted a binding internal policy refraining from any cooperation with the International Criminal Court. Any actions taken by Dr. Jerry Ehrlich to cooperate with the ICC were in violation of this policy and done so completely independent of MSF and without any support whatsoever from the organization."