Dawa or Lashkar?

Hafiz Saeed- JUD.jpg

Jamaat- ud- Dawa founder says it’s unjust, that they were labeled terrorists without providing any substantial proofs. He said it was unfair, that soon after the allegation was filed, within next 24 hrs UN declared him as terrorist, without even giving any chance of justifying their stance.

The newly listed terrorist was addressing media freely at his house in Lahore, where I was present two hours back.

Hafiz Saeed led the Lashkar-e-Taiba a militant group until December 2001. He now heads Jamaat- Ud- Dawa, which got registered in 1986, with prime motives to help Mujahidin in Azad Kashmir.

During the conference he blatantly refused to have any on going connections with Lashkar-e Tayyaba, which was disturbing as his asoociation with Lahkar is an open secret. Hafiz saeed is known figure of Lashkar ever since. But once Lashkar was proscribed in January 2002, after the US put it on its list of terrorist organisations, he was officially declared having only association with Jamaat-ud Dawa. Both Lashkar and Dawa have been working parallel from the very beginning, and using Jamat-ud dawa a registered charity organization as a front face of Lashkar- e -Tayyaba.I remember attending  press conferences of Lashkar  in the past, which were  have organized under the plateform of Jamat-ud Dawa, which makes it more like a play of same organizations with different names.