Dan joins the frontline

Welcome to Daniel Bennett, the latest addition to the From the Frontline blog. Daniel offers a unique perspective here. As he says on his blog he is

“a PhD student researching the impact of blogging and new media on the BBC’s coverage of war and terrorism. He writes about how changes to news journalism are affecting media coverage of conflict. He is based at the BBC and at the War Studies Department, King’s College.”

I first picked up on Daniel through his excellent Mediating Conflict blog. Through his research with the BBC, I thought he would be ideally placed to offer some insight into how digital media is changing how traditional media outlets report from conflict zones. It’s an area a lot of us spend a lot of time talking about and I hope Daniel can offer some real insight into how the theory translates to practice within the news process. Daniel kicks things off with a look at how one RAF blogger suddenly vanished from the blogosphere.