Cool down in Kabul

In Kabul, blazing hot, need to cool down, head to the local ice cream parlour and order yourself a Shir Yakh. No idea if it tastes any good, but SBS reporter Yalda Hakim got to try one as she returns to her birthplace, Kabul and blogs in words, pictures and video what she finds there,

The heat was oppressive as I walked across the runway to the airport building; the sights and sound were bombarding my ears as I tried to make sense of the language and people. Yes I speak Dari, but it was immediately obvious that I was a foreigner in my country of birth. This was not the greeting I had anticipated, I was viewed with suspicion and distrust, especially when I identified myself as a journalist. link

And, if like me you’re pretty intrigued by the Shir Yakh, this appears to what a local vendor looked like in 2003. But does it taste any good? Alex?