Conquer or die

[video:youtube:VpBeRvhRTw4&eurl] Afghan Knights – “Conquer or die” – Oh dear, oh weary, weary dear… This straight to video crapfest depicts the war in Afghanistan. For value added super realism it is filmed in Kamloops, British Columbia in a country called Canada. “Exotic” Kamloops, as Afghanistanica calls it, is approximately 6524.398 miles from Kabul according to this distance calculator. Still, Apocalypse Now was filmed in the Philippines and won 13 film awards and the 5 Oscar winning Deer Hunter featured an odd strain of Viet Cong enemy who insisted on speaking only in Khmer. In which case, I fully expect Afghan Knights “Conquer or die” to win 20 Oscars even if one review site calls it “entirely forgettable”.