Congo Dreams

Josee 2 high res

Josee Firaha M’Namuhogo 11/12/12
Josee is a widow. Her husband and brother both died as a result of the conflict.

“My biggest dream is to see peace coming back to the DR Congo especially in eastern Congo, as there is peace in western Congo.”

Nabintu high res

Nabintu M’kalumuna 11-12-12
Picture shows Nabintu’s children – she writes:

“I am happy to see my children return safely from school.” “Here are my dreams: I wish the war ended in my country and all the roads were rebuilt throughout the DRC. I wish our government took care of primary school fees throughout Congo.”

Colette high res

Colette Kirimbi  11-12-12

“All my efforts and sacrifice have gone towards my children’s good health. For me this, and prosperity, are the symbols of peace in my heart. So I wish to provide my children with a healthy environment.”


Marcus Bleasdale/VII, Kinshasa, 2005
Boys playing in the water while bathing at a centre for street children.  Many children have been orphaned by AIDS and poverty, challenges that could be significantly lessened by the ending of the long military conflict.

“There is a need to dream that the three year old I walked with in the displaced camp, under the shadow of the volcano this morning, will have a safer, more stable and happier life than her mother and father. There is a need to dream, because without the dream, the future is unthinkable.”