December 3, 2007

Protection for war reporters

Seven countries including the United States and Britain have joined in a new move to ensure the safety of journalists in war zones, the International Red Cross said. France, Germany, Australia, Canada and Denmark also committed themselves to accept a new nonbinding accord on protecting correspondents in line with the Geneva Conventions on the conduct […]

November 27, 2007

Reuters get their mojo converged

[video:youtube:L_OJGeamwbs] There’s a lot of talk (too much???) about “media convergence” and here’s some more in a video filmed during a roundtable at Reuters to discuss their mobile journalism project. The news agency is experimenting with small handheld Nokia recording equipment. While it’s not the norm now, it’s a fascinating look at where “convergence” is […]

November 23, 2007

“Sucking at the hind tit of power”

[video:youtube:jpuzOhvaE3c] The Independent newspaper’s Robert Fisk dons the hobnail boots and kicks the crap out of the US media. Well, not quite but, official sources say, he’s not very happy with the state of mediaplay stateside. The video is taken from the recent Frontline Club event in New York. The Guardian’s Ghaith Abdul-Ahad had a […]

November 21, 2007

War, truth and the media today

  A short film made for the Media workers against the war conference at the London School of Economics last weekend, Amid all the current agonising about media integrity – and at a time when BBC management is preparing to cut news resources even further – can there be any area more worthy of scrutiny […]

November 19, 2007

“The most dangerous war in the history of journalism”

The Indepedent reports on the grim landmark reached this week. More than 200 journalists have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of the war in March, 2003. The Independent compares this to previous wars, Two were killed in the First World War, 68 in the Second, 77 in Vietnam and 36 in the Balkans… […]

November 15, 2007

Branding battlefield journalism

In the wake of recent reporting from Afghanistan the popular Defence of the Realm blog suggests the Ministry of Defence brand battlefield journalism, The MoD could get press organs to sponsor different battles, encouraged by opportunities to place their logos on the armoured vehicles and advertising slogans on personal armour. The Sun would really go […]

November 15, 2007

Back to basics

Raghida Dergham, columnist and senior diplomatic correspondent for the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat, spoke recently about her experience as a female, arab journalist. In among the big name reminiscences and Davos schmoozing come some insights into the current state of journalism, This a “very confused time in journalism”… we need to hang on to the […]

September 28, 2007

From the frontline to the Press Gazette

The Press Gazette run a piece about what we’re all about. Vaughan talks about plans for the club and for supporting journalism online which is what is essentially all about, “I think the future is going to be, and if that’s the case, then we’re in the best position to compete with […]