Close up of a peace agreement

signatures on a page of the peace agreement

Choice observations upon examination of the recent peace agreement in eastern Congo:

  • Percentage of signatories using green pens: 0.05
  • Missing from the multimedia archives: audio file of the collective sigh of relief by 1,200 delegates when they heard, after several hours of speculation-filled delay, that the document had been signed.
  • Number of days from signature to first ceasefire violation to be reported by a party to the agreement: 4 (CNDP accuse Mai Mai and PARECO of attacking villages near Gungu and stealing cattle).
  • Number of items in a Google News search for ‘Kenya crisis’ from 10-28 January: 13,541
  • Number of items in a Google News search for ‘Congo peace’ for the same dates: 1,721

(For further essential facts, such as who used the nicest fountain pen, see the full blog post ‘A closer look at the peace agreement‘.)