Caution urged over Somalia kidnap video

Reporters Without Borders urge caution when watching the video aired by Al Jazeera earlier this week that purports to show kidnapped journalists Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan held hostage in Somalia,

“We have to be very careful of this video,” said Leonard Vincent, head of the organization’s Africa desk. “We don’t know who sent it, who’s commenting on it, and when it was filmed. It might be an old video…”
“…The situation is so unstable in Somalia right now,” Vincent said in a telephone interview from Paris, adding his group is trying to reach negotiators who are in contact with the alleged kidnappers to authenticate the video. “I want to stress that we don’t know the origin of the video and what it means exactly.” link

We continue to update the timeline of the kidnap of the two journalists who disappeared on August 23.