Catch Last Night’s Event on Livestream: Whistleblower Chris Wylie Speaks Out on Cambridge Analytica


In 2013, 23-year old CHRIS WYLIE, a Canadian data scientist who had worked on the Obama campaign, was recruited as head of research for SCL Ltd, a contractor developing military ‘information operations’ for the US and UK. Within months he met Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer to set up Cambridge Analytica – a ‘propaganda machine’ designed to win the 2016 US Presidential elections, using Brexit as its ‘petri dish’. The tools of cyber warfare were now turned on the countries that developed them.

The award-winning Observer journalist, CAROLE CADWALLADR persuaded Chris to come forward as the key whistleblower last year.

Chris will be in conversation with Byline’s PETER JUKES to discuss the story behind the story of one of the biggest political scandals of this century.

Tickets are sold out for tonight’s event, for those who missed it, watch our Facebook live stream here: