Bruce Wallace becomes LA Times Foreign editor

The LA Times blog reports that Bruce Wallace, Tokyo bureau chief for the Los Angeles paper, is to head the foreign desk with immediate effect,

Bruce was based in Japan, but during the last four years he has been a kinetic firefighter, parachuting from hotspot to hotspot. He made two lengthy trips to Iraq, embedding with Marines and a British Army unit. He has reported from Afghanistan, including Kandahar in the violent south. In 2006, he joined our coverage of the Israeli-Hezbollah war in Lebanon. In Asia, he reported from India, Pakistan and North Korea. link

Interestingly for a newspaper in these dire financial times, the LA Times holds onto an impresive array of foreign correspondents across the world – including our own Deborah Bonello in Mexico City. However, given the economic state of the newspaper and the general demise of news in the States I’m not sure how long the LA Times map of foreign correspondents will remain as well populated as it currently is.