Blood Trail to Toronto Film Festival 2008

Blood Trail is the result of fifteen years of filming one man in war zones across the world. It’s been a labour of love for Frontline Club founder Vaughan Smith and original Frontline TV agency cameraman Richard Parry since they first met wannabe photographer Robert King in Bosnia in the early 90s. The film will feature at the Toronto Film Festival in September and Richard is blogging a bit of background to the film on the festival blog,

Its 1993. I’m standing in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, Sarajevo. The front half of this hotel shot to bits, the back half stacked up with the great and the good of the press pack – scribblers, snappers, TV reporters. I’m 25 years old and its just over a year since I first stepped into a war zone. Across the bar is Robert King. link

I hope to have the official trailer to the film up here soon. Meanwhile you can find out more about the film on Blood Trail Film website. Please note, the film site will launch in a completely different guise in a week or so, but the address will stay the same.