Blood Trail at True/False film festival

Blood Trail, the documentary film produced by club member Richard Parry along with club founder Vaughan Smith, is showing at the True/False film festival in Columbia, Missouri until March 1. The film documents 15 years in the life of war photographer Robert King – from naive beginner to accomplished professional. Robert and Richard are in Missouri promoting the film and talked about it to an audience at the festival recently. Robert had some advice for one wannabe reporter,

“Everybody wants to rewrite history,” King said. “If we have proof, they’re not going to get away with it. … We’re not anti-government. We just want to hold people accountable.”

One audience member asked the panelists for advice. Dan Parris, a 24-year-old from St. Louis, is heading to hostile areas in Africa this summer to work on his own documentary project.

“Don’t go,” King joked, but only half-heartedly. He’s had friends die covering combat in Africa.

Parris said the warning didn’t faze him. “I see the footage and hear what they have to say, but it’s not real to me yet,” he said. “He mentioned being young and idealistic. That’s me. I want to make a difference in the world.” link