Bearing Witness

Reuters and MediaStorm have partnered to produce a stunning multimedia production to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. It’s quite the mammoth undertaking with five chapters profiling three journalists with video, photography and snazzy graphics,

The site features profiles of three Reuter’s journalists who have more than 23 years combined experience reporting and photographing in Iraq. Reuters video, photography, info-graphics and journalists are showcased in this 5 chapter interactive application created from more than 20 hours of video footage and images selected from 3,600 of the best of Reuters photographs — some published here for the first time. Additional chapters include a timeline of the Iraq War made up of 223 still images and 15 videos, and five maps drawn from dozens of pages of data. link via MediaStorm blog

We previously linked to MediaStorm’s work with Frontline Club member Marcus Bleasdale in the DRC here.