Bags of journalism

Frontline bloggers, Rob Crilly and Alex Strich are on the move today. Rob is off to the DRC and Alex is on his way back to Kabul before moving on to Kandahar. They’ve both blogged what’s in their kitbag. For Rob, it’s back to the future,

Sony Tape Recorder – call me old school, but why make life more difficult than it needs to be? This takes AA batteries and normal cassettes, which you can buy pretty much anywhere link

While Alex is loaded down with books,

Have been agonising over what books to take – trying to find the balance between books that I’ll only read once, those friends in Kabul have requested that I bring, and those that I ought to read for my PhD link

What with David heading off to Chad at the weekend, the travel bug is clearly in the air. Not sure exactly what David has in his bag, but I do know he’s carrying a Nokia N95 with Qik installed… Fingers crossed, it works for him. And a big thanks to Qik for getting the phone to David before he left.