Back in the sandbox

A former US soldier and milbogger who served in Iraq until October 2007 is heading back to the “sandbox”, but not with the army,

I am going back of my own free will- I am becoming a participant in this great experiment of independent, citizen journalism. I am going back to Iraq as a photojournalist, accredited by the recently developed Public Multimedia, Inc. If you would like to donate towards the purchase of equipment for my trip and receive some return on your investment (besides quality journalism, of course!) link via Adrian Monck who adds, “What is it about ex-army types and journalism? Vaughan Smith might know…” Indeed Adrian…

Public Multimedia, Inc (PMI) has an interesting set up. They seem to want to capitalise on the huge interest in milblogs, internet video and pictures uploaded by servicemen. PMI assigns reporters to cover war stories, some are embedded, others work unaffiliated. The website states,

“PMI has military credentials and plans to dramatically increase the number of embeds it currently sponsors.” link

It is a donation driven project and could be one worth watching. Although running a donation driven internet journalism project is no easy, or cheap, task – ask Alive in Baghdad. Here at From the Frontline we’ll soon be launching a number of new blogs – one of which will be written by a soldier serving in Afghanistan.