Back in Britain with a Bag of Video Tapes

Sadly my time is up with the British Army in Afghanistan. There are lots of journalists who want the space and I will have to wait my turn to come back.
I tried to get back to Kabul in time for my scheduled flight to London’s Heathrow, but this wasn’t possible so I ended up taking a military flight back to Britain. I have returned in some disarray, now separated from some of my bags in Kabul.
I still have more stories to report from this Afghan trip and will keep putting them up here. I have plenty more video to show, including an interview with Brigadier John Lorimer, the Brigade Commander of 12 Brigade, whom I knew from my time in the Army.
I have lots of related stories that I want to follow up here too. I will visit some of the familes of the soldiers. I don’t want to give too much away about my plans yet, but the war doesn’t stay in Afghanistan. It comes home with the injured.
I am very excited to report that BBC Newsnight have agreed to show a 15 minute cut of some of my Sangin material. I will be busy editing it this coming week but I will warn everybody on this blog when it is to be broadcast. I am really pleased to get this length on such a prestigious news programme.
I will of course put the material up here afterwards. Since the editor of Newsnight agreed to link my film to this blog I am going to have to keep working on it!