Back in Afghanistan

Frontline Club member John D. McHugh is back in Afghanistan. As revealed on this blog a wee while back, he is working for The Guardian. He’ll be producing six films, taking pictures, writing stories and updating his blog. To kick things off, the newspaper has published edited highlights from his blog, along with pictures and an explanation as to why he is going back,

I will admit I was hooked on the story in Afghanistan. Not the danger or adrenaline, as many suppose, but the story itself. I could see that the reality on the ground was very different to the story being told back in the west. My photographs weren’t getting published much, and the agency I worked for was not interested in sending me back there, but I had no stomach now for day-to-day press work in London. I wanted to be back in Afghanistan, reporting what I believed – and still believe – to be a hugely important story. link

John’s articles will appear here and, if you’re RSS feed savvy, you can subscribe to John’s feed here.