Axe not dead

We interviewed David Axe a couple of weeks ago before he headed into Somalia. He blogs today that, contrary to pre-assignment popular opinion, he did not die,

Somalia: so what’s it all about? It’s about how divisive internal politics can prevent the resolution of a conflict that pretty much everyone agrees must end. It’s about how war and famine combine to create a spiraling humanitarian crisis that few in the world seem to care about. But mostly it’s about how the U.S. aims to fight wars in Africa — by proxy — and how these proxy wars might have the same result as our misguided invasion of Iraq. Instead of destroying Islamic extremists, pre-emptive wars often breed them. link

Axe is about to head to London before going to Basra to cover the withrawal of British forces. You can listen to his latest Somalia report on the BBC Pods & Blogs show.